Omnichannel – The Next Big Shopping Experience

Imagine walking into a store to buy something and being greeted by name by a sales person. Not only that, but they seem to know you had intended to buy that TV from their website, got as far as putting it in the shopping kart, but had thought you might just pop into the store to see it working before making up your mind. You really like this store; you had even praised them on social media and always get their catalogue. Now it seems that they can read your mind, know what you have researched on your tablet on the way to work and have some brilliant ideas about what TV would suit you best. Actually, you are not many years in the future, you are benefitting from best omnichannel software marketing.

There have been several stages in the evolution of marketing to consumers. In the first stage potential customers were provided with ad hoc, untargeted information about potential products. In stage two the market was segmented and people received product information according to their age, occupation, geographical location etc. Then marketing got a bit more sophisticated and loyalty programmes were started such as store cards. Potential customers received product information according to their past purchasing with that specific company. Omnichannel is the latest in marketing where companies can suggest products according to purchasing across many channels and many platforms from many retailers, consolidating this information into behaviour patterns and personalising it just for you.


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