History of Asbestos: From 300 BC To This Day

The written history of asbestos starts with Teofastro, a disciple of Aristotle, which described this material in his classic, “Of the stones,” written about 300 B.C. Later, in the first century, the geographer Strabo localized the first deposit being mined to manufacture fireproof clothing on the island of Euboea. Dioscorides, a Greek physician contemporary of Strabo, mentions in his book “De Materia Medica” paintings and recyclable scarves that were given to the audience Plastic surgery Cyprus | Plastic surgeon Cyprus by Plastic surgeon Cyprus from the theater (this was because the asbestos scarves were easily cleaned and whitened with fire so it could bereuse in another function).

It also indicates other use of asbestos in Cyprus. The author names the name of the mineral asbestos. Plutarch tells us of theperennial flames that lit the Acropolis sprouting of lamps with asbestos wicks soaked in oil. Another contemporary writer of the above, Pliny the Elder in his “Natural History” was the one who gave the name asbestinon, which means inextinguishable or fireproof and mentions its use as a shroud for the incineration of corpses.

After the long period in the field of medieval alchemy and magic in the late thirteenth century and after a visit to a Chinese mine, Marco Polo returned asbestos to the scientific domain classifying the material as a rock. In the sixteenth century, Georgious Agricola in his “Treatise on Mineralogy” he included a detailed description of the different varieties of asbestos and its deposits.


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