Post Puller Review Series – The “Machine Dolly With a Jack” Style Post Puller for Fence Repair



Contractual worker grade hardware offers amazing lifting instruments that can convey a few tons of lifting strain to the post.

Powerful at eliminating posts that are solid and flawless, when the post is as yet secure inside the solid balance.


A similar ground-breaking lifting component can be hazardous to the administrator and can harm the post puller.

Just powerful when the post is flawless and still secure to the solid balance.

Costly – the gear ranges from roughly $500 to upwards of $3300 for proficient temporary worker grade machines

Substantial and cumbersome to store – even the littlest plan gauges in excess of 50 pounds and that model didn’t have wheels.


In the event that you run a jack of all trades or fence repair business you may have requirement for this sort of post puller, however for the regular mortgage holder that necessities to supplant their security fence or eliminate a couple of posts every so often there are more savvy and reasonable arrangements. The Wood Post Puller strategy and instrument is the main arrangement that really works by dispensing with the hold of the ground on the post – permitting the post and balance to slide out of the ground on a layer of mud.

Full Review

On the off chance that you will put resources into a business grade bit of gear, this is the gathering you ought to consider. The jacks can give adequate lifting power to eliminate posts set a few feet into the ground and with huge solid establishments – gave the post and balance are sufficiently able to withstand the strain. The wheeled cart setup is of minimal viable advantage – the weight and length of a full-length post and solid balance joined with the cart turns out to be extremely inconvenient and you will probably think that its simpler to deal with the post without anyone else, separate from the cart.

Consider the sort of posts you will eliminate while choosing the post puller and give uncommon consideration to how the puller will grasp the post. On the off chance that you are a jack of all trades you can modify this thing yourself, however the normal choices from the producer are either a chain-restricting framework or some sort of clipping component. For wood posts folding a length of chain over the post will typically give a protected hang on the post, as will the clasp connections. Steel or metal sign posts present to a greater extent a test, the chains and clips will in general slide up the post and not hold – so plan to give a methods for tying down the post puller to the post. A typical arrangement is to just penetrate a gap through the metal fence post and utilize a jolt to connect the lifting chain.

The primary bit of leeway of the cart with-a-jack style post pullers is additionally their most critical disadvantage – a similar amazing lifting system that is successful at eliminating posts can be extremely hazardous – the edge itself can crumple, a weld can split, the puller can sneak off the post or the post could give way – these perils can make injury an administrator. Simply read the wellbeing admonitions for these apparatuses – one working manual was 3 pages of security alerts and ½ page of directions!

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