Self-Parenting and Loving Our Adult Selves!

In order to heal our lives and live a healthy, progressive and soul-full life, it is not enough to say that we are Adults so we should know better. None of us were born as Adults knowing full well what we are supposed to do and not do. The only thing we knew how to be was being a child. That means that it takes a lot of trial and error to fully perfect ourselves as the Adult that we want to be. It is never a straight line from being a child to becoming an Adult. We will have 우머나이저 potholes along the way. It is now time to self-parent ourselves and give ourselves the love, care and unconditional love we never got from our parents.

Many individuals grew up and repeated the life they saw their parents, early caretakers live and or they live the life that was carved out for them by their religion. However, that is not really living our true and authentic life. We also need to realize that as much as we don’t want to view our parents in a negative light, their life probably was not healthy and it is not a life we should want to emulate. Becoming a mature Adult means that we stop looking at our parents through the eyes of a child and see them as human beings who had a responsibility to be healthy and loving parents. And if they are still treating you the way they treated you as a child you are now an Adult and you don’t have to put up with their behaviour anymore. Stand up for that little girl or boy and protect them. Don’t abandon them. Be the best parent to yourself that you never had. Now you can be there for You.


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