What Makes a Bad Web Design?

If you are not extremely good with computer applications then you may be wondering if you can create your own web design or not. If you are not super computer savvy then you may not know what makes a good web design good, and what makes a bad web design bad.

The basics of web design tell us the following things:
• A good design is easy for the person that comes to it to find 웹하드 what they were looking to find when they arrived. Simple pages are more useful than complicated ones.
• A bad design will be filled with hard to access drop-down menus that must be navigated before you can go on to the page you would like. Poorly designed pages have drop-down menus that are not always apparent to the visitor.
• A good page layout will be interesting and colorful. Once again, the good pages will be simple and easy to look at.
• A bad page will be very busy and confusing. If there is too much on a page then the person that is viewing it will have a difficult time focusing on the important aspects of the page.
• A good page will be colored so that it is easy for people to read the writing that is on them.
• A bad page will be strangely colored with a font that is strangely colored so that people have a difficult time deciphering the written words. A pale yellow background with white writing will be almost impossible for people with vision problems, like the elderly, to focus on.
• A good page will have informative articles and easy to understand instructions.


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