From Cable to Satellite to InternetTV – The Future of Internet Broadcasting Has Arrived

A very much arranged and executed publicizing system can give both important experience and working pay to an 인터넷방송 broadcast station.


Sale publicizing

Publicizing can be sold through direct Internet barters. There are a few online organizations that offer online sell-offs.

These incorporate and

Web sound publicizing merchant

There are a few promoting offices that arrange and sell sound publicizing on member Internet radio broadcasts.

These incorporate and

Web video promoting representative

There are a few promoting organizations that arrange and sell video publicizing on associate Internet video stations.

These incorporate,, and

Promoting content for the station site

Video cut

(At present Beta Testing)

Financial pay depends on people watching electronic video cuts that contain publicizing.

Snap to call or text

(Presently Beta Testing)

Financial remuneration depends on individuals reaching different colleagues utilizing Google talk or Skype. The snap to call or instant message joins are put on pages.

Relevant Advertising

Flag, picture, text or video promoting that is put on sites. The site content figures out which publicizing is introduced.

These organizations furnish website admin with logical promoting arrangements:

AdSense publicizing program


MSN publicizing program

Pennant Advertising Programs

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