Latest Solar Energy Technology

Latest Solar Energy Technology

The future is not fossil fueled, and in time we will find ourselves turning more and more to alternative sources of energy. Solar energy is one such answer that has a lot of promise and   world water crisis    that could help us to end our reliance on petrol and gas.

The sooner you adopt solar technology, the sooner you can start to benefit from all the different advantages it brings. Solar technology will mean first of all that you can absolutely demolish your energy bill at the end of each month as you will have supplied yourself with most of the energy you used thereby helping to reduce costs and meaning that you can enjoy using your heating and other things the way that you want to. The potential savings for petrol meanwhile are phenomenal.

At the same time by switching to solar energy you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint by a huge degree and this is something that will be great for your conscience and that will help you to do your bit for mankind and for the generation you leave behind. The problem is that when we use carbon fuels, we release carbon emissions which rise up into the atmosphere and make it too thick for heat from the sun to escape. This means that the sun is constantly warming our planet, but that it isn’t getting the opportunity to cool off and that the overall temperature constantly rises without dropping back down. This is what’s killing the coral reefs, eroding our land and melting the ice caps and it’s important that we stop it as soon as possible by taking the lead.

There are many different solar technologies out there for us to choose from already and many more on the way. If you want to use solar energy to power your home for instance or a swimming pool the you have the option of solar panels which can work in one of two ways – either as ‘solar voltaic’ panels or as ‘solar thermal’ panels. The former is the method that most of us are more familiar with, that works by letting the solar energy excite the particles in the panels so that an electric current is created that is then siphoned off and used to power whatever it is you want to use. Solar thermal on the other hand is a lot more straightforward and easy to understand and means that basically you have tiny tubes of water stored in the panel that are heated up by the warmth from the sun and then used to heat a larger body of water such as a pool – the downside being that this can’t be converted into electricity.


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