Single Parents: A Challenging But Rewarding Job

Single parents always experience financial difficulties especially in raising their kids because there is only one income that pays the necessary bills. Expenses for food, housing rent or amortization, utility bills and the kids’ education can be financially challenging to a solo parent. The single mother or father has no choice but to address these demands in order to survive and give a brighter future to the kids. Although difficult, at the end day of the day, it can be fulfilling to know you tried your hardest to give your family the best . #Thedaysarefull The question is, how can this be done with one income only?

Kids from single parent families experience various emotions which tend to affect their dealings with people. They develop a sense of insecurity and become shy and even a little afraid with people. Sometimes they would even feel that they are the case of the breakup of their parents and would mentally punish their selves for it. As a parent, it is your job to comfort them and make them understand that they have no fault at all and that things just did not work out well between you and your spouse. Assure them of your love and concern and that no matter what happens, even if you and your spouse have separated, both of you will always be their parents.

Single mother grants are available to those solo moms who need financial assistance in terms of education, food, health and business opportunities. The federal government provides food coupons and stamps, health care, insurance and scholarships to mothers without husbands. They also provide nutritional advice to kids up to the age of 5 years old. Single parent grants also include welfare or monthly benefits and they are offered to those who have low income or none at all. If you want to avail of such grants, you just apply for them and meet the requirements asked of you.


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